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At a time when you might see more the downturn in China, some of the overcapacity in some industries, you should look beyond the headlines. 

You should look at what’s behind this shift, try to see where curve will pick up and what model might emerge as the China success story of the next 20 years. 

This gives you perspective for the dramatic shifts in education. It’s not a surprise that China is now thinking of more practical and entrepreneurial-driven education. It’s not a surprise that there are a lot of innovations being taught. 

It also gives you hints of where China is going in the next 20 years, be it in new services, serving the growing middle class, continuing with urbanization and then transforming into a higher value innovation. 

Will this happen or not? I think this will be a big question. 

For entrepreneurs, innovators and educators, it’s a shift that you don’t want to miss for your institutions, and then in our case for the future of Sino-Swiss relationships.

Pascal Marmier is Vice Consul General (Innovation) & CEO, swissnex China

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