How Fintech Disrupts Today's Business World
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  • Presentations by leading players in the blockchain space
  • Panel discussion with audience interaction
  • Over an hour covering the latest in virtual currencies, smart contract, the environment in China
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Event Overview

Fintech is a buzzword among bankers, IT geeks, individuals and institutions enthusiastic in financial innovation.

Both Switzerland and China are active in seizing the fintech opportunity now. Switzerland’s position as a global hub for financial services as well as its world-beating reputation for innovation drive the fintech agenda while China announced “Internet Plus” policy in the National People’s Congress’s report on the work of government, Internet finance is set to revolutionize finance in China, Chinese fintech ushers in internet finance era. 

Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally alter business relationships by offering a completely new structure for transactions.

Starting with the example of bitcoin as a new currency, blockchain allows independently verified systems that are already used by artists, business people and can be applied where there was often no system. 

This event explores: 

– What’s blockchain and how does this technology evolve?

– Blockchain application in China

– How this new disruptive technology brings major changes in the society and exerts major impact on products, services and business models of business world

Speakers include:

Nathan Kaiser, Partner, Eiger Law


Nathan Kaiser has over a decade of professional experience in Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai, advising clients in all matters pertaining to investment, corporate law, commercial trade, employment law and commercial disputes.

Eiger is a full-service law firm with Asia Pacific and Greater China practice strengths.


Eric Gu, Co-Founder, ViewBTC Consulting


Before launching ViewBTC Consulting, Eric Gu was Director of Business Development, Big Data, for Hua Data Technology, and a Senior Project Manager for Canon Canada. Eric has a Bachelors in Engineering from Shanghai University. is a company that provides blockchain data visualization of multiple crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, dogecoin, etc. 


Jane Zhang, Founder and Chairman, Shellpay


Jane Zhang founded Shellpay in 2015. As CEO, she is in charge of strategy, fundraising and team building. Before Shellpay, she was Chief Strategy Officer for Circle Pleasure Corporation, CEO of Shanghai Wall Street Strategies Advisors, and CEO of China First Music. Jane has a Masters from Georgetown and a BA from Fudan University. 

Shellpay is a blockchain company in China. 


Zennon Kapron, Managing Director, Kapronasia


Zennon Kapron is an experienced financial industry practitioner with deep experience in all aspects of fintech including banking, payments and capital markets technology and long-term work experience in the US, Europe and Asia. Prior to Kapronasia, Zennon was the Asia Pacific Financial Industry Manager and Global Banking Industry Manager for Intel. Before Intel, Zennon worked at Citi at a number of different technology management roles culminating in his role at CIO for Citigroup Portugal. Zennon has an MBA from INSEAD and a BS in Computer Science from Syracuse. 

Kapronasia provides Asia focused research and strategy advice to financial technology firms including banks, vendors financial institutions and other services providers.

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1 Opening Remarks
Video course icon By Nathan Kaiser, Partner, Eiger Law
2 Blockchain and Digital Assets
Video course icon By Eric Gu, Co-Founder, ViewBTC Consulting
3 What is Blockchain?
Video course icon By Jane Zhang, Founder and Chairman, Shellpay
Video course icon Part 2
4 Panel Discussion
Video course icon With Zennon Kapron, Managing Director, Kapronasia
Video course icon Part 2

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